Orero - Handicrafts and artistic creations. The primacy of Slate

Orero is the place that most of all is historically linked toslate, having the primacy of the quarries for the extraction of black stone intended for construction, craftsmanship and artistic creations.

Today this activity is reduced compared to the past and is flanked by other artisanal productions such as the making of furniture, molding of plastic materials and more.

Il territorio del comune si estende sulla dorsale compresa tra il canale di Isolona e la valle del torrente Malvaro, una zona ricca di boschi di querce e castagni. Tra le vette del territorio  primeggia l’imponente Mount Ramaceto (1345mt),  meta escursionistica molto apprezzata.

Orero has ancient origins dating back to Roman times and is located on one via del Sale which from the coast was directed towards Piacenza, and which was also used in the Middle Ages by the muleteers dependent on the Abbey of Bobbio.

In the territory of Orero there is one of the oldest centers of spread of Christianity in the valley: the Chapel of Canaussa today in ruins.

In a dominant position over the valley and visible from a large part of the valley floor is the church of Soglio with finely decorated interiors and embellished by a beautiful square with slate seats.

Also in Soglio you can discover an abandoned hamlet between the fifties and sixties with its name Coast of Soglio the town was built around 1700 on the coast line and there you can see interesting glimpses of vaults, entrance halls, slate seats: artifacts of a rural architecture of great charm.



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