Val Fontanabuona: new tourist offer

Fontanabuona: the valley wants to grow with a new tourist offer

There is the regional councilor Giovanni Boitano and there are the mayors of the Valley, almost in full. Then there is a large audience of restaurateurs, owners of inns, B&Bs and farms. We are in the Municipality of Moconesi, where yesterday (Thursday 9 March) the public self-presentation event of the Valfontanabuona Community took place, the young reality branded "slow food" and born in 2020 with the aim of enhancing the culture and traditions of the valley . Enhance is the key word, because, explains one of the representatives, Sandro Bragoli, “the people of Fountain are not used to giving great value to their territory. They conceive it as one might conceive a simple cube of marble, but it is from a simple cube of marble that Michelangelo created the Pietà."

Metaphor aside, it is those who live in the valley who give it shape with synergy and spirit of initiative. There is no shortage of "cries of pain" from the political side for the infrastructural condition of the area. Roads are fundamental, say those of the "Community", but so are contents and creativity. The model exists, we look at the Province of Cuneo. Many projects, many things already achieved, starting from the website (, full of information both on the territory and on the almost 40 members registered to date and their events. Creating a community means networking, consolidating friendship and work relationships by overcoming the "bell towers", as is already happening among accommodation facilities to direct customers to other members in case of sold out, with the aim of keeping visitors in the valley. A welcome sign appears in the room which could soon "greet" those who enter the area. Small but fundamental signs that we want to do tourism and do it well. Small but precious, like the slate paperweight with the association logo that will be given to guests as a sign of thanks.

Then, the trend of experiential tourism with projects to enhance the paths, which we would like to personalize with sculpture installations; the idea of an Mangialonga, and that of the transhumance of bees. Here the air is clean, for bees Fontanabuona could be a splendid holiday resort, a beauty farm which would guarantee a very high quality honey. We also think about starbox, special wooden "tents" with opening roofs, a romantic alternative to camping. Finally the long and luxuriant chapter of gastronomy. On the agenda are themed evenings, geological product labels to certify their origin, 0 km baskets, competitions to choose the representative dish, starting however from a very concrete objective: drawing up a calendar of closures by restaurants that does not force restaurant customers B&B to take the Riviera route.

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