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The company is located in different areas of the Ligurian territory, ranging from the Eastern Riviera to the Genoese hinterland, which is why it manages to have a vast range of products coming entirely from its own land.
They are produced cheeses and dairy products, including the typical prescinseua, preserves, flours, eggs, honey, seasonal fruit and vegetables and objects always linked to the products themselves.

Most of the animals are currently present in Bargagli, goats, sheep, cows, which however in the period between late spring and autumn are moved to the adjacent pastures, where they can be found by taking a beautiful walk overlooking the sea, in the Monte di Sant' Alberto area, an aeronautical area; the rest of the land is used for crops.

For both crops and animal husbandry, the tendency is to choose native species, taking great care to maintain the traditions and habits handed down by older generations, respecting biodiversity by using ancient varieties and breeding endangered breeds.
The company is part of some associations present in the Ligurian territory such as cQuarantina Potato Consortium, Gourmet Liguria, the Slowfood Community of Valfontanabuona and APARC, Association of Cabannina Breeder Producers, a breed in danger of extinction, but valued both for the excellent milk produced and for its refined meat, so much so that it has earned the Slowfood presidium brand

Our products

Yogurt and Prescinseua Primosale
Semi-mature and mature Stracchino cheese
Caciocavallo Ricotta and butter


🐃Carne bovina About once a month, veal is available. The mixed package weighs 5kg and is made up of minced meat, roast meat, slices, boiled meat and steaks, all individually vacuum-packed and may vary based on the availability of the cuts)

🌾Farine 100% naturali macinate a pietra White and wholemeal soft wheat flour. Corn flour


🍆 Vegetables seasonal

🍅Salsa di pomodoro

🌳Olio extravergine di oliva of the Eastern Ligurian Riviera

🍒Marmellate e confetture

🍆Marmellate da formaggi

🍯 Honey
Acacia, Erica, Wildflower, Chestnut

The purchase of the products, as well as in the company, is possible on Saturday mornings in Gattorna at the Alzati Lazzaro bar (Via del Commercio 61), one Sunday a month at the Ferriere market (Lumarzo) near the post office, as well as at the numerous fairs in which the company participates, always advertised on the social pages!

Contact info:

Vincavacca farm by Sara Pinna

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